P C Stocktaking, Northern IrelandStocktaking for the Hospitality Industry
PC Stocktaking, Northern Ireland. Professional food & bar stocktaking, retail stocktaking & consultancy, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

PC Stocktaking, Northern Ireland
Stocktaking for the Hospitality Industry

Paul Carton, founder of PC Stocktaking in 2005, is a professional with over 20 years in the hospitality industry.

The aim of PC Stocktaking, Northern Ireland is to provide a stocktaking service for bar, food and the retail industries that the business owner can have confidence in, at a realistic price and in an acceptable time frame. What we offer that most other companies do not is a result on the premises if required. This allows you to act immediately on the information instead of waiting for weeks to find out you may have lost a small fortune.

You can also have confidence that with the same stock taker there that you do not have to worry about whether they know all your stock points or do they know the ins and outs of your paperwork.

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Our fees are very competitive and are all inclusive. We do not charge for a valuation certificate or any unforeseen additional time - We are there to help your business not rip it off. The consultancy that we offer is included as part of any stock take that we do and is ongoing to continually improve your business.

As part of any stock take package the following consultations and advice is included as part of the service. There are however available independent of any stock take to assist in the development of your business.

If you have a lack of trust in your current stocktaking firm we are happy to give you a second opinion whether it be by doing a stock take to confirm or refute their results or an analysis of their reports, therefore, please contact PC Stocktaking for any further information you may require.

Professional bar stocktaking by PC Stocktaking, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Bar Stocktaking

An independent bar stocktake provides early detection of any dishonesty and releases you and your staff from a time consuming job. Read more about our Bar Stocktaking services
Professional food stocktaking by PC Stocktaking, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Food Stocktaking

An independent food stocktake provides advice as to how to improve efficiency and gross profit. Read more about our Food Stocktaking services
Professional retail stocktaking by PC Stocktaking, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Retail Stocktaking

An independent retail stocktake allows for fast resolution of problems and queries with a valuation certificate produced on site. Read more about our Retail Stocktaking services.
Stocktaking and waste reduction consultancy services from  PC Stocktaking, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Consultation Areas

Our consultation areas include identification of any opportunities for staff dishonesty as well as identifying methods of waste reduction. Read more about our Consultation Areas

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